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Liability Register System

  • Purpose of plan: Funds are distributed to the Zilla Parishad for various schemes through the state government. There is often delay in this manual process. The purpose was to avoid delays in projects by making basic improvements in the distribution system of the funds.
  • Movement of the Scheme: According to the planning of state government schemes, the tender for work is done and accordingly work orders are issued to the contractors. Payments are made by the Executive Engineer on the basis of the completion of the work done by the contractor. Post this, the Chief Accounts and Finance Officer pays after checking the bill. In this process many times the funds flow to Zilla Parishad, and there are considerable delays in making the payments. The government has to submit utility certificates to deliver further funds. To prevent all these errors, the LRS is a unique concept. For this concept, RBI has selected one of the recognized banks (ICICI) and the bank has prepared the system for free. It has been approved by the Finance Department and the Principal Accountant General (Mumbai) office. A virtual liability is created at the time of allocating funds to the Zilla Parishads through this system.  On the basis of this liability, the work will be done by the Zilla Parishad and on the basis of the completion of the work, funds will be distributed directly to the contractors' account. This system will reduce the  delays in the current manual process and it will be possible to properly manage the funds at the government level.