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Geographic Information System

  • The purpose of the project: TO build GIS encompassing all villages in the state The plan is to map all villages was under government's consideration. The project aims to assess the properties of the village and help in taxation of village panchayats.
  • The project's move:This project has been submitted by Consultants for e.g. As Is Study, BPR Report, and other deliverable were submitted. In this regard, the task of deciding the primary direction of the project by coordinating with other department (revenue department) by the Rural Development Department was done. Meetings were held from time to time with the organization of the Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Center (MRSAC) and the Department of Management and revenue department. At the end of this meeting, MRSAC approved the organization's technical advice and assistance. MRSAC is the official body of the State of Maharashtra, for the matters related to GIS, according to the Government decision taken on 28th April, 2016 of Planning Department. The consultants then forwarded the RFP technical advice of the project to MRSAC. Post this, according to the advice of the MRSAC organization, the Pilot Gram Panchayat was successfully held at Rota, District Wardha and after the approval of the Committee of Project Implementation Meetings of Department on 19.11.2017, the RFP Empowerment Committee (Information Technology) was sent for approval In the meantime, It was agreed to work as a implementing mechanism of these projects in the meeting with the Junk Arrangements from time to time and it will be decided by the Revolving Fund Department.
  • The approval of the cabinet has been received and the policy has been decided in accordance with Government Resolution No 2018, 13th Information Technology Room, 22-02-2019.